About us

When and Where?

We meet twice a year, alternating between Edmonton (in the fall)
and Calgary (in the Spring).

AEEC’s affiliation fees are $.30 per
Member per Month.

One delegate from each Local is reimbursed as per our AEEC Bylaws.


Chair: Natasha Warnock Local 3484


Vice Chair: Lee-Ann Kalen CUPE Local 1099


Treasurer: Judy Ferre CUPE Local 2545


Recording Secretary: Mabel Ong CUPE Local 3550


AEEC Mandate

AEEC Mandate

CUPE Alberta Sectoral Committees exist to co-ordinate activities of CUPE locals within the same area of the public service. The Education Committee works to plan bargaining strategy, public relations campaigns and government lobby efforts, as well as acting as an avenue for education locals to keep each other informed of their activities
Join us and help make a difference for education workers and to strengthen publicly funded education in Alberta.

What we do

The Objectives of the AEEC are:

• To unite school employee Locals in the Province of Alberta into a cohesive structure.
• To improve wages, benefits, job security and working conditions of all school employees in the Province of Alberta.
• To support each affiliate morally and financially in their time of need.
• To strengthen and unite through shared knowledge and information.

The Objectives of the AEEC are to be accomplished through the following methods:

• To set common goals for Collective Bargaining.
• To inform affiliates of contemporary Collective Bargaining information and effectively communicate both the progresses being made during negotiations and all settlement agreements.
• To promote Coordinated Bargaining where common language can benefit all locals.